Estimating Overview

Anyone who files a claim wants the assurance that all damages both obvious and hidden are addressed. This will insure that after the claim and construction are completed, the property owner is at a pre-loss condition. There is an art to this process that requires experience and expertise.

99% of all property insurance carriers use an estimating program called Xactimate. Since the majority of insurance carriers use this program, it is necessary for the estimator to be proficient in this program. The speed and accuracy of a settlement largely depends on it.

All estimates produced at Team 1 Restoration, Inc. are completed by someone who is experienced and certified to use the Xactimate program. This gives the property owner the confidence that the scope of work to be performed will go through the settlement process smoothly. In addition, the experience and expertise of an estimator will include not only the damages that are obvious, but also hidden or extensions of damage that must be addressed to bring the insured to a pre-loss condition.


With over 75+ years in combined construction experience and insurance claims we know that customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

  • Work With Your Budget
  • Work With Our Clients to Choose Materials and Colors
  • Do Professional Installations
  • Do Work at a Rapid Pace


  • Why choose Team 1 Restoration over an insurance companies preferred vendor?

    The difference between Team 1 Restoration and preferred vendors is that we are solely concerned about the homeowner and the money they should receive as stated in their HO3 policy (house insurance). Preferred vendors work side by side with insurance companies and although they will help restore your home, they will not help you receive all the money and coverage that you deserve allowing you to rightfully receive what is yours.

  • How long will it take for my home to be fully restored?

    There is no exact time limit. The size and damage caused can vary the amount of time it would take to fully restore your home. Team 1 Restoration always estimates a window of time that it will take to restore your home and will do everything out of their power to reach that time if it is possible.

  • How will I know that I am getting from my insurance company all the money needed to completely restore my home?

    At Team 1 Restoration we specialize in walking through and inspecting your home to make sure you are receiving all the money possible that you deserve. We have professionals with over 30 years of experience determining the money you deserve caused by flood/fire damage.

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