Construction Process Overview

TEAM 1 RESTORATION, Inc. is a turnkey construction company. It is important that our clients understand the insurance settlement and construction process in order to better understand what must happen before you are able to return back to your home. The insurance settlement and construction process involves 3 phases. Each phase is described below.

1.) Determine if there are any hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead that must be abated. This is done by using industrial hygienists and labs that test such materials.
2.) Estimate the repairs needed from water or fire damage. This is accomplished by using a program called Xactimate. (see estimating tab under construction services)
3.) Meeting with insurance adjuster to discuss repairs.
4.) Doing investigative demolition such as opening up walls and ceilings to expose hidden damage.
5.) Meeting with city or county inspectors to determine code upgrades. Code upgrades are what building departments require you to improve during the reconstruction of your home so that your home meets current building code standards.
6.) The drawing of plans using architects and structural engineers.
7.) Submitting plans to city or county for approval.
8.) Revising repair estimate to include all necessary corrections required by city or county building department.
9.) Pull building permit.

1.) Receiving agreed upon insurance settlement from insurance company.
2.) Meeting with property owner to discuss repairs.
3.) Discuss with property owner the materials used in repairs. (i.e. paint colors, flooring, cabinets, wall textures, plumbing and electrical fixtures, etc.)

1.) Abatement of hazardous materials should they be present.
2.) Demolition of all damaged property.
3.) Repairs of damaged property.
4.) Coordination of all city or county building inspectors and mortgage company inspectors through the course of construction.


With over 75+ years in combined construction experience and insurance claims we know that customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

  • Work With Your Budget
  • Work With Our Clients to Choose Materials and Colors
  • Do Professional Installations
  • Do Work at a Rapid Pace


  • Why choose Team 1 Restoration over an insurance companies preferred vendor?

    The difference between Team 1 Restoration and preferred vendors is that we are solely concerned about the homeowner and the money they should receive as stated in their HO3 policy (house insurance). Preferred vendors work side by side with insurance companies and although they will help restore your home, they will not help you receive all the money and coverage that you deserve allowing you to rightfully receive what is yours.

  • How long will it take for my home to be fully restored?

    There is no exact time limit. The size and damage caused can vary the amount of time it would take to fully restore your home. Team 1 Restoration always estimates a window of time that it will take to restore your home and will do everything out of their power to reach that time if it is possible.

  • How will I know that I am getting from my insurance company all the money needed to completely restore my home?

    At Team 1 Restoration we specialize in walking through and inspecting your home to make sure you are receiving all the money possible that you deserve. We have professionals with over 30 years of experience determining the money you deserve caused by flood/fire damage.

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